• Standard: from 40 to 80 microns

Temperature range

  • Standard: -10°C up to 110°C
  • On request: up to 200°C

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Epoxy-polyester coatings are mainly used in powder form for decorative purposes. They are available in many colors as well as with different surface structures and gloss levels. In addition, they offer very good corrosion protection.



Epoxy coatings are suitable for indoor use. They offer excellent corrosion protection, excellent resistance to solvents and very good electrical insulation. Some grades are suitable for contact with drinking water and specific grades of food. The thickness of an epoxy coating is about 40 to 80µm per deposited layer. It resists to a maximum temperature of 100°C continuously and 110°C at peak temperatures.



Polyester coatings are available in two grades, façade quality and industrial quality, both offering excellent weather resistance. The thickness of a polyester coating is approximately 40 to 80µm per deposited layer. It can withstand a maximum temperature of 110°C continuously and 120°C at peak temperatures.



Hybrid epoxy-polyester coatings are intended for standard decoration. They offer good light and heat resistance, are compatible with overcoat paint and screen printing and cure at low temperatures. This type of coating is available in many colours. The thickness of an epoxy-polyester coating is approximately 40 to 80µm per layer applied. It can withstand a maximum temperature of 90°C continuously and 100°C at peak temperatures.


TTM Coating has modified epoxy/polyester coatings with a temperature resistance far exceeding the standard range. These coatings can be used in conditions where temperatures can reach up to 200°C. 


Some applications:

  • Household appliances
  • Machine casings
  • Springs
  • Rims
  • Radiators
  • Furniture
  • Barriers, benches, various tinware elements


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