• Food (depending on colour)


  • Standard : 100µm to 150 µm
  • Range: 80µm to approx. 300µm

Temperature range

  • Continuous: -40 to 130°C
  • Punctual: 150°C

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Rilsan® is a powder-type thermoplastic polyamide 11 coating (a monomer made from a castor oil derivative, "Bio-Sourcing"). It is available in several colors and contains no cadmium, lead chromate or other heavy metals.

Rilsan® gives new and renovated parts excellent protection against corrosion and the most severe aggressions:

  • immersion in water, effluent, sea water, etc.
  • saline mist
  • at cathodic separation
  • hydrocarbons, solvents and a large number of chemicals

The Rilsan® coating meets, under certain conditions, the requirements of various regulations on the suitability of materials in contact with drinking water and food. It is also characterized by:

  • low moisture absorption
  • vibration damping (flexibility of the coating)
  • high ease of maintenance
  • a pleasant aesthetic
  • very good abrasion resistance
  • very good resistance to shock, cold

The standard thickness of a Rilsan® TTM coating is generally between 100µm and 150µm. In some cases we can apply a thinner coating or conversely a thicker one.

Available colours: white, black, light grey, dark grey, light red, dark red, light blue, dark blue, green and yellow.


Potential applications of Rilsan® :

  • Installation and tooling for various industries
  • Machine housings and casings
  • Washing racks
  • Transport trolleys, goods trolleys
  • Tubes, flanges, elbows
  • Elements of refrigerating installations or household appliances


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