• Food
  • Medical


  • from 10 to 60 microns, depending on the type of product

Temperature range

  •  -195 to 260°C (continuous) / 290°C (peak)

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PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) is a fluoropolymer with multiple technical properties.

  • Heat resistance: 260°C continuous, 290°C peak
  • Very good to excellent anti-stick and water repellency
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Very low coefficient of friction (according to the formulation only 0.02) and good abrasion resistance
  • Dielectric or antistatic (by the addition of additives)
  • Stability at very low temperatures

TTM Coating applies different grades of PTFE coating, in single or multi-layer forms (up to 4 layers).

PTFE coatings are particularly appreciated for their non-stick and chemical resistance. Many are compatible with food and (on request) medical standards.

Through the addition of graphite, molybdenum disulphide or PPS for example, PTFE  is also a widely approved coating for mechanical applications.

Examples of applications:

  • Cutting parts: knives, blades, saws
  • Production lines: forming molds, sealing plates, welding jaws
  • Transmission elements: gears, screws, bearings, racks
  • Guiding elements: rails, slides, transfer plates
  • Elements exposed to chemicals: tanks, washing racks, tweezers
  • Kitchen utensils: griddles, pans, frying pans, beaters, cooking vats

PTFE is one of the components of the coating products of Ilaflon™ (Ilag), Xylan™, Greblon™, etc.


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