Sol-Gel / ceramics







- 10 to 30 microns


Temperature range

- depending on the product: 220°C / 400°C / 1000°C


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Wide range of coatings of inorganic character - or hybrid when inorganic silicon-based materials are complemented by organic polymers and nanocomposites. These coatings are obtained by a sol-gel process (hydrolysis and condensation). The structural units are connected at the molecular level. The variable composition of the sol-gel products makes it possible to adapt the properties of the coating to the required profile (e.g. hardness, flexibility, temperature resistance).

Some sol-gel coatings have a vitrified (enamel-like), hard, but more or less fragile surface.

Their main properties (depending on the formulation of the coatings):

  • Smooth and hard surface with very good chemical resistance
  • High scratch resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Anti-adhesion effect (reduced effectiveness in case of prolonged use at high temperatures)
  • Excellent resistance to very high temperatures (up to 1000°C) in the case of purely inorganic coatings of the "nano-ceramics" type 
  • Little or no degradation (yellowing) of the surface in thermal contact


Application examples:

Consumer Goods Sector

  • Frying pans, cooking racks, components for ice-cream maker machines, components of electrical and gas appliances

Industrial sector

  • Machine components on which abrasive materials slide
  • Machine parts and installations exposed to high temperatures
  • Utensils for applying adhesives


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