Anticorrosion and chemical barrier

Anticorrosion and chemical barrier

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TTM Coating offers a wide range of coatings to protect industrial parts from corrosion and chemical exposure. These include products for more basic protection against contact corrosion, oxidation, etc. and coating materials that protect against exposure to more aggressive acid or alkaline solutions, cleaning agents or solvents.

Coatings are effective due to their non-porous or slightly porous surface, the combination of different layers each with specific properties, the mechanical strength and the inherent chemical properties of the material.

Some coatings retain their effect at high temperatures.

Common applications:

  • Washing racks
  • Tanks, valves, pumps, agitators
  • Buckles and supports for galvanic or chemical treatment
  • Parts installed in a saline environment (maritime)
  • Metal elements exposed to the weather
  • Metal parts exposed to harsh atmospheric conditions in factories, workshops, etc.
  • Components of industrial, food-processing and gastronomic machines

Types of coating

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