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Gluing, demolding and cleaning problems occur in many sectors of industry. They lengthen processing times, cause production interruptions and increase maintenance costs. This is why more and more industrial companies are relying on non-stick coatings.

Non-sticking is a complex phenomenon in which several factors such as free surface energy, molecule mobility and surface polarity play a role. The excellent release properties of fluorinated coatings for example (PTFE, FEP, PFA) are based on a lower intermolecular bonding strength than other polymers due to the high bonding energy between carbon and fluorine and the low polarization potential of the fluorine atoms. 

The non-stick coatings cover a wide quality spectrum. We have coatings with or without food approval, reinforced with more or less additives for different mechanical loads and for different degrees of roughness depending on the requirement profile.

Each non-stick problem must be considered separately. On request, we carry out internal tests with a selection of products.


Application examples:

Applications Avantages
Plates and welding tools reduction of tool fouling, easier cleaning, increased plant productivity, renewable coatings
Welding strips elimination of non-stick tapes, reduced production downtime, improved hygiene
Installation of air extraction equipment/ventilation significantly reduced pipe clogging, reduced maintenance

removal of mold release agents, easy cleaning, renewable coating

Cutting tools less deposits, reduced lubrication, easier maintenance

This list of potential applications for non-stick coatings is by no means exhaustive.

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