High temperature Associated coatings


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In many sectors of industry and trade, product components and machines are exposed to temperatures that conventional coatings and varnishes cannot withstand. Surface degradation means that these components are exposed to corrosion and no longer meet optical requirements.

Fluorinated coatings and silicone resins with a decorative character offer an initial protection possibility up to a temperature of approx. 280°C, while retaining properties such as the non-stick effect.

For higher thermal loads, inorganic (or hybrid) coating systems such as sol-gels/ceramics can be used. These coatings remain stable at high temperatures. Some types are resistant to temperatures up to 1000°C, and sometimes even in direct contact with the flame.


Examples of applications:

•    Exhaust systems

•    Gas burner housings

•    Fireplaces, stove pipes 

•    Thermal probes

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